Prepping for Exterior House Painting Darien, CT

October 8, 2013

We understand the proper methods to prep your house for exterior house painting Darien. In fact this is half the battle when it comes to painting. If the exterior of your home is not properly prepped before painting it can cause many long term problems. The following are just a few key things that we focus on while preparing for exterior house painting Darien.

Scraping Off Old Paint

The reason for scraping all the old paint off is to ensure that there is a smooth surface to apply the new paint. If this step is skipped, the new paint you apply could flake off or have bare spots in it. The most time-efficient way to remove all of the old paint is to use a wire brush drill attachment. After the attachment is installed we make sure to get all nooks and crevices off the surface. For more in-depth scraping we will use a pull scraper which is a sharp blade made for stripping old paint off. We understand the caution that is necessary so that the wood or siding does not become damaged during this process.

Sanding After Scraping

After all of the old paint has been removed, it is time to sand the rough edges. If this step is skipped, the new paint that is applied will not go on evenly or smoothly. For smaller areas a wood block with sandpaper will be sufficient and for bigger areas an orbital sander. It is important to steer clear of belt sanders, as they may leave a swirl pattern or dip in the wood.

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Electric Paint Remover

If you have an older house that has been painted multiple times, an electric paint remover may be necessary. This tool is used for heavier paint that has built up over time and a piece of equipment that is provided with our services. The electric paint remover heats the old paint and turns it into liquid goo. As mentioned before this tool is to be used for very heavy deposits of paint only.


After the scraping and sanding is complete, there are likely to be some barer spots in the wood or metal. We will apply a coat of primer, which will help to cover these areas before the actual paint is applied. If necessary, we will apply a primer coat to the whole exterior of the home, which will cut down on the amount of finishing paint that is needed as well as the cost of the paint..

When it is time to invest in exterior painting in Darien hiring a professional contractor will ensure that your home is prepped and primed in the proper manner to ensure a successful coat of paint.


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