How Much Does Fresh Paint Increase the Value of a Home?

February 13, 2024
Freshly painted home interior to sell

A fresh coat of interior and exterior paint is worthwhile if you’re seeking value-adding property improvements that will help you sell your home sooner. Paint can quickly cover up superficial cosmetic flaws like scratches and cracks, enhance your interior atmosphere and boost curb appeal from the outside.

Before you start picking out new colors for your home, here’s everything you need to know about the significance of fresh paint and how to choose tones that can add maximum value.

The Significance of Fresh Paint on Home and Property Value

You could have generous square footage and a luxurious yard, but if the paint is peeling off the walls or the colors are faded and outdated, interested buyers might choose a property that requires less work before it’s move-in ready. Most homebuyers don’t want to spend additional time and money fixing up a house before settling in.

Many expert real estate agents recommend repainting to make homes more appealing. Freshly painted walls give the impression that a home is well-kept, leaving buyers confident that home maintenance has been a priority.

Does Painting a House Add Value?

While interior repainting can set a mood and create a pleasant atmosphere, you can manipulate the perception of a room by strategically repainting the interior walls. For example, you can use light and neutral colors to brighten a small room and make it look more spacious. Or, consider warmer and darker colors to make a large room seem cozier and less overwhelming. The proper techniques and color palette can create a visual illusion that raises or lowers the ceiling.

Manipulating your interior space enhances interior design, making a property more appealing to buyers.

A fresh coat of exterior paint can cover up all the cosmetic flaws that go unnoticed over time. While a faded, cracked and shabby exterior can degrade your home’s perceived value, fresh paint can do the opposite.

Curb appeal gives interested buyers a positive first impression, influencing their purchasing decision. But how much value does painting your house add?

Exterior vs. Interior — How Painting Increases a Home’s Value

Fresh paint is one of the savviest ways to increase any home’s value. HomeLight says repainting your exterior can net you up to a 152% return on investment. Meanwhile, a refreshed interior paint job can increase your home’s asking price by an estimated 1% to 3%.

Choosing Paint Colors to Boost Your Home’s Market Value

The colors you select will influence your home’s aesthetic. You’ll want to avoid outdated interior hues like shades of gray and brilliant whites that may make rooms feel clinical or stiff. From satin and semi-gloss to matte and eggshell sheens, your chosen finish will also influence aesthetics and value.

White couch and white wall in a home's interior to sell

Professional painters can help you determine which paint is best for your walls and how to pick a palette that appeals to the buyers’ market. The goal is to embrace modern trends without choosing something that will look outdated in a few years.

What Color Adds the Most Value to a Home?

Color preferences evolve to keep up with homebuyers’ desires, so it makes sense to keep your finger on the pulse when investing in a quality paint job before listing your home for sale.

Interior wall color trends use the following color categories.

  • Beige: Part of the brown-gray color family, beige is a welcoming color thanks to its yellow tints. This color family works well with most interior styles as a versatile choice.
  • Tan: With a paler brown tone, tan is a warmer color family that complements luxury and minimalist interiors.
  • Taupe: This neutral color family is a staple of minimalist and industrial-style interiors.
  • Gold: Gold color palettes symbolize luxury, though this choice is more daring than other trends on our list.
  • Greige: While shades of gray are gradually becoming outdated, greige, a color that combines beige and grey, is increasingly popular.

These warm, neutral colors give home buyers a fresh canvas to work with. They are also easier to match to almost anyone’s interior design preferences, so homebuyers can decorate the space with their existing furniture and knickknacks when they move in.

Your home’s exterior walls should feature no more than three colors. The ideal palette will depend on the surrounding houses in your neighborhood and your home’s architecture, but beige, brown and warm grays are generally popular options. A general rule is that the primary color should cover about 70% of the home’s body, while the secondary color should only represent 20%. The last 10% can showcase small pops of color, accenting features like your front door.

What Paint Color Has the Best Resale Value?

Warm, neutral colors are a perennial favorite when picking a palette for your home’s interior or exterior. Of these shades, beige, tan and greige are easy to decorate around, while gold and taupe are slightly less versatile color families that might make decorating a bit more challenging.

Even when following the latest interior trends, deciding which colors are best for your home can be tricky. Shoreline Painting offers expert color consulting services to help you find the perfect palette for your unique home.

Boost Your Home’s Value With a Luxury Coat of Paint From Shoreline Painting

If you’re considering investing in a fresh coat of paint to upgrade your home’s appearance and boost its value, choosing residential painting services is essential to getting the value-adding results you want. With quality products and superior artistry skills, professional painters can skillfully transform the interior and exterior of your home.

Shoreline Painting is a Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter, providing the highest-quality residential services and exterior paint jobs for over 35 years. Contact us for an estimate online or reach out at 203-302-1086 to give your property a value-boosting makeover.

Exterior view of a recently painted home to sell

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