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If you want to enhance your property’s look in Westchester County, New York, trust Shoreline Painting to apply a fresh coat of paint to your property. Use this guide to discover how our expertise can transform your luxurious estate to your dream home.

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The Painting Services We Provide and More


Check out the services we offer at Shoreline Painting to discover how we can improve your living space:

  • Interior painting: We provide interior painting services in Waccabuc to enhance the visual appeal of one room or the whole house.
  • Exterior painting: Our exterior painting services can bring new life to the peeling, faded paint on the outside of your property.
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing: Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, we can repaint and refinish the set you already have to change your kitchen’s appearance.
  • New construction painting: If you’re building a brand-new house, we’ll paint your new construction home with the utmost care so you can fully enjoy the exterior or interior of your house.
  • Venetian plaster: We can decorate your walls with Venetian Plaster, a putty made from limestone that can match any design aesthetic.
  • Home maintenance: If you’re struggling to keep up the look of your walls, we offer quarterly home maintenance services, including sealing trims and cleaning the walls.
  • Garage floor coating: To give your garage floor a brand-new appearance, we can apply a coat of stylish, scratch-resistant epoxy on your garage floors.
  • Drywall: If you’re building a house or adding a room to your existing property, we can handle the drywall contracting.
  • Paint color consulting: We offer color consulting services to help you figure out what colors to paint your living space.

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The Benefits of Choosing Shoreline Painting as Your Professional Painting Company in Waccabuc

Shoreline Painting can help you accomplish the look you crave for your house. Our services will improve your property in the following ways:

  • Lower your utility costs: The exterior color can affect your home’s temperature. Our painting consulting services can help you find the perfect color for your siding to save money on heating or cooling costs.
  • Boost your curb appeal: Painting the exterior of your house is one of the ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal. Trust Shoreline Painting to enhance your property’s appearance so you can fall in love with it all over again.
  • Increase your resale value: Repainting the exterior of your house creates a better first impression for potential home buyers. Clean up worn-out siding to demonstrate the care you’ve put into your property before you put it on the market.
  • Enhance the natural light: If you have rooms in your house with little natural light, the right paint color can make these spaces look brighter. Our experienced color consultants can work with you to choose a color that reflects light the best to accommodate both sunlight and artificial light.
  • Promote a better environment: At Shoreline, we use eco-friendly paints to adorn your living space. These paints with a low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produce fewer carbon emissions.

How We Improve The Appearance of Your House

Depending on the services you need, here are the processes for our services at Shoreline Painting:

  • Paint color consulting services: During our painting consultation, we’ll consider the size of your living space, the architectural features, the exposure to light, the furniture or trim work and the scheme that already exists in your property. We’ll help you decide on a color palette by giving you several options that work with your style.
  • Exterior painting services: Before painting your home, we’ll wash your siding to ensure a seamless finish. We’ll remove heavy stains with the proper equipment and pretreat the outside by pressure washing it. Once the exterior of your home is free from debris and dirt, we can assess any damage that we’ll need to repair before we paint.
  • Interior painting services: Our inside painting services involve applying several coats of primer to the walls and ceilings. We’ll fill all the nail holes and joints and inspect them for imperfections, repairing them as necessary. Then, we’ll apply a few layers of paint to provide the color and protection your walls need.
  • Kitchen painting and refinishing: If you choose to invest in our professional kitchen cabinet painting services in Waccabuc, we’ll clean your cabinets and remove any hardware. After inspecting all of your cabinets for any imperfections or damage, we’ll make any essential repairs. We’ll apply multiple coats of paint, allowing each layer to dry before applying another one. Depending on your preference, we’ll either spray or brush your cabinets and check our work for imperfections.

To keep the rest of your house clean, we’ll always clean up after ourselves and prepare the area with drop cloths and other protective equipment. A supervisor will also be onsite each day to ensure that we meet your requests.

Why You Can Trust Shoreline Painting as Your Painting Contractor in Waccabuc

We’ve been in business for more than 35 years, providing service to homeowners and commercial managers in coastal New York and Connecticut. You can put your confidence in our ability as a painting company in Waccabuc because of our:

  • Spectacular results: We have experience with all types of houses and commercial buildings. Check out our portfolio to see some of our interior and exterior painting projects.
  • Helpful every step of the way: We want to use our experience to help you make your home a beautiful living space that you’re proud to show to your guests. Visit our portfolio to inform yourself about how to enhance the aesthetic of your home.
  • Reliable clients: Our customers love our work so much that they want to work with us again. To hear their stories, visit our testimony page and find out if we can help you like we’ve helped them.
  • Exceptional reputation: We were in a featured article in “Serendipity Magazine,” a lifestyle periodical that celebrates homes and people in the Northeast. In this article, we share the mission of our business and dedication to our customers.
  • Certification to use high-quality paint: We are a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter, which demonstrates our commitment to applying the highest quality of products to your house’s interior and exterior. Fine Paints of Europe produces odorless, long-lasting color that can improve the air quality of your home and enhance the aesthetic of your living space.

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Contact Us for House Painting Services in Waccabuc

Trust our team of highly qualified painters to clean, inspect and paint your home in coastal New York. For more information about our services or to schedule a free estimate, contact us online or call 203-302-1086.

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