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Shoreline Painting specializes in serving residents and commercial business owners in Westchester County. Our mission is to provide the best color and quality paint for your home to increase its curb appeal and make you proud of your property. If you want to enhance your property’s visual appeal, use this guide to learn about our company and how we can help you.

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Services We Offer

Shoreline Painting offers a variety of painting services for the residents of Westchester County and Fairfield County. Check out the following ways we can help you:

  • Kitchen cabinet painting services: Instead of going through the stress of replacing your kitchen cabinets, you can hire us to paint them for you.
  • Exterior painting services: Your siding makes up the majority of your outside property. To impress everyone who passes by, invest in our outdoor painting services to update your home’s color and create a brand-new appearance.
  • Interior painting services: Whether you want to paint your whole house or touch up your favorite room’s color, our interior painting services can make your house feel more like home.
  • New construction painting: If you’re building a brand-new property, you can trust us to do the interior and exterior painting for your new construction house. Whether you’re creating a humble Bungalow or an immaculate mansion, we have the equipment and expertise to provide the right look for your new home.

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We also offer the following specialty services to enhance the visual appeal of your home:

  • Paint color consulting: If you want to update your interior or exterior property’s color but don’t know where to start, we offer paint color consulting. A professional from our team will visit your house and give you suggestions based on current trends and your existing color scheme.
  • Venetian plaster installation: For a dimensional look, you can update your walls with Venetian plaster, a putty that combines water and fired limestone. Its earthy appearance complements any aesthetic and is resistant to mildew and mold.
  • Home maintenance: If you don’t need our complete painting services, you could request our interior and exterior home maintenance services that involve touching up and cleaning your walls, siding and windows.
  • Garage floor coating: Besides updating the appearance of your siding and interior walls, you can also give your garage floor a brand-new look. We apply an epoxy garage floor coating to increase moisture resistance and fill cracks in the concrete.
  • Drywall installation: Along with our painting services, we also install drywall to help you add or remodel a room in your house.

Why You Should Invest in Our House Painting Services in North Salem

Here are some of the ways that our services can benefit your home:

  • Save money on your energy bills: Your home’s exterior color affects its temperature because darker colors absorb heat. If you live in a sunny climate, painting your house a lighter color can help regulate your interior living space’s temperature.
  • Enhance your home’s appearance: Painting the outside of your house is one of the best ways to improve your curb appeal. Since the color of your siding determines your home’s appearance, you can completely change the look of your property with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Increase your property’s resale value: Professionals in the real estate industry recommend repainting your house before selling it because doing so increases your resale value. Adding a fresh coat of paint is more convenient and cheaper than buying new siding, so you’ll get a brand-new look at a fraction of the cost.
  • Improve your living space’s lighting: The right colors can add vibrancy to rooms with little natural light. If you have areas of the house that don’t get enough sunlight, you could use bold colors that enhance the illumination from your lamps or light fixtures.
  • Save time and money on a kitchen remodeling project: Having a professional update your kitchen cabinets’ color allows you to use your existing cabinetry instead of buying all new products. If you purchased new cabinets, you’d have to add thousands of dollars and several days to your kitchen remodeling project budget and timeline. Our services allow you to save money you can use on other features.

What You Can Expect During Our Services

As a painting company in North Salem, we seek to provide the best quality by following this technique for our services:

  • Consultation: If you choose our paint color consulting services, we’ll visit your home and suggest a paint color based on the architectural style, light exposure, size and furniture of the room. Instead of deciding for you, we’ll provide options to let you choose what paint we use for your property.
  • Preparation: Even though we use the utmost care when painting your property, we can accidentally spill paint. To protect your exterior or interior living space, we’ll lay a drop cloth on your floors, shrubbery, lawn or furniture.
  • Touching up imperfections: Before applying any paint to your interior or exterior walls, we inspect your windows, walls and doors for defects. We’ll seal the gaps in the trim around your windows and fill in nail holes.
  • Cleaning: After we’ve repaired the imperfections in your exterior walls, we’ll wash them to ensure a smooth finish. Then, we’ll wait for them to dry so that the paint will stay on them.
  • Sanding and priming: We sand the rough edges out of your walls and apply a fresh coat of primer to get the room ready for paint.
  • Painting: We’ll use the right amount of color for your home’s property size to achieve the look you desire.
  • Packing up: At the end of every workday, we’ll pack up our equipment and leave your property spotless. The only evidence that we’ve been inside your house is that your walls will be a beautiful new color.

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About Us

Shoreline Painting has been a professional painting company in North Salem since 1975. Our previous customers are eager to give us positive reviews of our work, requesting our services again. As a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter, we only offer the best quality of eco-friendly, long-lasting paint to our customers. Browse through our portfolio to see for yourself how your project will look if you choose us to paint the exterior or interior of your home.

Contact Shoreline Painting to Update the Look of Your Home

Contact Shoreline Painting to Update the Look of Your Home

As a painting contractor in North Salem, we specialize in painting your entire living space to help you achieve your desired appearance. For more information about how to get started on giving your existing property a brand-new look, contact us online or call 203-302-1086.

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