Debunking Interior Design Color Myths

May 2, 2014

Are you thinking about painting or redecorating your house and need tips and ideas? Maybe you have read about certain “rules” when it comes to interior painting? If you’ve chosen your colors but feel like you might be breaking all those rules, here are a few tips to prove those interior painting myths wrong.

To Paint or Not To Paint the Ceiling

Have you heard you should paint the ceiling in a room white in order to open up the room? While using white can reflect light better and make the room feel more spacious, you don’t have to restrict yourself to this shade. Adding some color to the ceiling can make the room feel bigger and draw attention upward. An interior painting service can help you add beautiful color or even designs to your ceiling to make the room appear larger.

Dark Colors in Small Spaces

What about the myth that you make a room feel smaller or depressing by using dark colors? If you have a small room and there isn’t much natural light, darker shades may make it feel restrictive. To correct this, add light colored trim and furniture to enhance the look. Use darker colors in rooms that have more windows and natural light.

Pastel Power

It’s been said that using too many pastels in one room will make it feminine. If you have found a pastel shade you love, make the room look more masculine by using it on some of your furniture and adding darker saturations of the shade to the rest of the room.

Walls That Mix and Match

Some interior painters and decorators have said the walls of the home should match to create the seamless illusion of more space. Others say each room should be a different color. However, you don’t have to choose an entirely different color. Using coordinating color palettes throughout the home can create a put-together look that flows nicely. Interior painters can show you the different color palette choices.

If you want to use monochromatic colors, use them with subtle patterns. Also consider using subtle neutrals to balance the scheme. You want your rooms to showcase your individuality, without being too overwhelming.

Hiring interior painting services can help you understand these and other interior design color myths.

At Shoreline Painting & Drywall, not only do you get expertise and integrity, but you also get quality. With great attention to detail and first class workmanship, we can get your job done right the first time. Contact us to talk about your next project.

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