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April 10, 2014

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A Brief History of Fine Paints of Europe

April 10, 2014

by Shoreline Painting

We prefer to use the highest quality in paints when we work on our clients’ homes. This is why we often choose Fine Paints of Europe to transform your home into something spectacular. Our goal is to offer our clients the best color that will last for many years so they don’t have to worry about hiring a painting contractor very often. Fine Paints of Europe has a strong history of quality for home painters.

From Niche Company to Multiple Uses

John Lahey, founder of Fine Paints of Europe, created the company in 1987 as a niche company that specialized in historic restorations. Their paints, imported from the Netherlands, offered the quality and lasting durability historic buildings require. After 25 years, the company is now run by John Lahey III, who has expanded it into an importer of quality paints for home and commercial use.

Their Claims to Fame

There’s good reason why our painters turn to Fine Paints of Europe to provide painting service to our customers. Over their years in business, Fine Paints of Europe has provided the paint used on George Washington’s estate, Mount Vernon, the Evergreen Plantation in Louisiana and Chinatown in Philadelphia. The painting contractor who was in charge of each of these projects chose this high-quality paint.

Why Imported Paints?

There are many domestic brands of house paint painting contractors may choose to use, but if they want to offer their customers the best quality work, Dutch paints, such as Fine Paints of Europe, are the right choice. The Netherlands was once home to many famous artists, creating a high demand for quality paints that were meant to last. This led to the creation of many companies that now produce paints using expensive resins and the finely ground pigments found in more than 1,750 hues.

Our painters want to give you the highest quality workmanship so you can enjoy your beautiful home for many years to come. Before you work with any painting contractors, make sure you choose one who uses Fine Paints of Europe or another European paint to give you the color you are looking for to enhance the beauty of any room in your home.

If you want to hire an experienced painting contractor to paint your home, contact us. We provide all the tools, including quality European paint, to beautify any room in your home.


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