Winter 2024 Interior Design & Painting Trends

January 24, 2024
A living room with a green painted wall and matching green furniture

Design trends constantly evolve, embracing new patterns, colors or bold statements. Staying up to date on these trends can ensure your space stays fresh by preventing stale or outdated looks. Additionally, staying on trend can boost curb appeal, creating a unique and visually appealing space. Design trends are an excellent source of inspiration, empowering people to seek new routes and create a space that reflects their preferences, tastes and lifestyles. Take a look at our 2024 trends forecast so you can embrace the upcoming looks.

Recalling Winter 2023: A Look Back at Last Season’s Trends

Before diving into the upcoming trends for the year, you can find inspiration by understanding last season’s looks. If you embraced some of these trends, there are ways to revitalize your space for the new year. There are three significant trends people utilized last season:

  • Blues and greens: The year 2023 featured many blues and greens in interior design. These colors can create natural-looking settings, with green embodying life and growth and blue reminiscing water and fluidity. Green became a new neutral for many homeowners, nodding to nature and bringing a richness that incorporates well with many other pieces and designs. Varying shades of blue appeared to accent spaces or take center stage as a bold choice.
  • Lack of color diversity: Last year, there was a lack of color diversity, something we can expect to change in the upcoming year. Many colors that branched from the norm were dusty or muted. For instance, dusty lavender or muted pinks appeared in some spaces. Some staple neutrals, such as beige, appeared in numerous areas.
  • Gray undertones: Many homeowners used gray undertones to complete their spaces. Gray is often a timeless color, complementing bolder statements or creating cool rooms. Contributing to the lack of color diversity, many people utilized gray undertones in their designs. Gray marble was another popular design element, completing many countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. While gray can create a unique balance, overusing the color can make a room look dated. These 2024 trends will move away from these undertones to favor more color.

A Deep Dive Into Winter 2024 Interior Painting Trends

With the changing of the seasons brings opportunities to remove outdated colors and pieces and reinvent spaces to reflect your tastes. Color trends for 2024 bring exciting shifts to many spaces, highlighting playful trimmings and utilizing relaxed silhouettes. Many of these trends take spaces from functional to frivolous, transforming areas into seating with storage, saving money with vintage pieces and revitalizing space with new furniture.

Laidback and retro designs are rising, and gray colors are disappearing as warm beiges, lush reds and playful creams take center stage. Homeowners are embracing bold colors, and hues are becoming much more personal. Here’s what you can expect:

Colors of the Season: What’s Going to be Hot in Winter 2024

The 2024 colors will make us feel safe and warm while bringing a degree of personalization. When the economy is weak, color is strong. People are embracing color on everything, including their furniture and statement pieces. People are opting for jewel colors, likely creating at least one moody space in the home. Popular colors we expect to feature in many spaces include:

Outline of the color trends for Winter 2024

  • Jewel tones: Sophisticated jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst boast a sense of glamour. These colors create luxurious lounging, entertaining and creating spaces. Jewel tones are rich and offer heightened drama through depth. We expect people will embrace these royal colors to create striking spaces. Whether starting small with emerald accents or embracing amethyst on all four walls, these colors make a lasting impression.
  • Burgundy and merlot: Wine-inspired colors, like burgundy and merlot, are excellent statement choices. These deep colors can create soothing spaces that add warmth and elegance, especially when paired in cohesion with cream accents or romantic pinks.
  • Jade: Various shades of green have appeared in homes for the last several years. As people find new ways to stay in touch with nature, soft and bold greens have found a lasting place in interior design. This year, jade takes center stage as the go-to green hue. This color can spark relaxation for lounging spaces and bedrooms and offers many design choices, as you can pair the shade with a mirage of corals, purples, blues, creams and more.
  • Nudes: Nudes are a classic choice that promote elegant spaces with a hint of edge. These colors can brighten and warm a space while offering nearly endless options for decorating and accents. A new direction for nudes in 2024 is stepping away from muted hues and embracing the richness of darker shades.
  • Beige: For far too long, people have considered beige a safe choice for any space, but this color can bring new life to interiors. It offers a near-perfect starting point for decorating a room because nearly every color can complement it. Neutrals are wonderful for pairing with beige, but those looking for bolder options can also embrace dark colors that bring comfort. This hue is an excellent choice for those wanting to blend popular design options. For instance, you could embrace beige on your walls while using jewel tones on your furniture or make a wine-inspired space with beige throw pillows, blankets and other decor. Either way, beige makes a statement that is here to stay.

Furniture and Accessories: Creating the Perfect Winter Ambiance

Trends for winter 2024 are reviving personalization while highlighting functionality. Part of this trend owes thanks to the utility room. What was once a not-often-thought-of space is now the perfect location for trying new things. The rise of utility room experimentation empowers homeowners to play around with new colors, themes and ideas. It’s time to complete this space with playful wallpaper, laying tiles or unique patterns.

A continued focus on Dopamine Decor will trigger delight and happiness. Playful elements like vibrant colors and whimsical patterns will take the spotlight this year. This trend embraces positivity and joy, evoking a feeling that every day is a celebration. You might be drawn to bright furniture with comfortable cushions or statement pieces that reflect your innermost desires.

Large accent pieces and colors will also lead trends into 2024. Chunky accents like sculptural furniture and oversized vases will appear in many spaces. Statement furniture, such as red coffee tables, bright patterned chairs or unique sofa designs, showcase color and highlight personalization. These pieces exude sophistication while embracing whimsy and playfulness.

Embrace Trends With Shoreline Painting

Living room painted with blue paint

Our expert team at Shoreline Painting is ready to empower you to embrace new colors and trends this year. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we can bring your vision to life in unique ways.

As a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter, our team utilizes high-end paints and specialized application techniques to ensure long-lasting looks you’ll love. We proudly offer our interior paint services to Fairfield County, The Hamptons, Westchester County and surrounding areas.

Our team brings artisanship and professionalism to every project, whether transforming one room or your entire home. Connect with our team to embrace new trends and revitalize your space.


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