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Exterior Painting Services in Mount Kisco, NY

Painting the exterior of your house can enhance your house’s curb appeal and increase its value. Instead of taking on a painting project yourself, you should hire the professionals at Shoreline Painting who have the right equipment and expertise. Whether you’re selling your property or want to update your living space, our team at Shoreline Painting can give your home an updated look with our high-quality exterior painting services.

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Advantages of Professional Exterior Painting

While paint can last on your home for several decades, painting the exterior of your house provides the following benefits:

  • Enhances the aesthetic of your home: The paint color is what people notice first about your house. Show your neighborhood your personality and style by choosing a paint color you enjoy. Even if you like your current color scheme, you should repaint your siding if the color has faded.
  • Improves your property’s curb appeal: Painting the exterior of your home is one of the most affordable ways to make it stand out in your neighborhood. While old, chipped paint can make your house look outdated, a new coat of paint shows your guests and neighbors that you care about your living space.
  • Guards your home against insect and moisture damage: Over time, your home can experience cracks and gaps due to humidity, UV or pest damage. The paint on the exterior of your home can act as an extra layer of protection against harsh weather conditions and can prevent bugs and rodents from burrowing through the cracks.
  • Maintains your siding material: The paint on the exterior of your home can hide the blemishes of your worn-out siding so you won’t have to replace it for at least a few more years. You could also invest in moisture resistant-paint for materials that can rot.
  • Increases the value of your house: Painting your home yields a high return on investment (ROI) and raises its property value. Since painting is more affordable than replacing all your siding, you can give your living space a brand-new look at a fraction of the cost.

Why You Should Choose a Professional Like Shoreline Painting

Our exterior painting contractors offer inspections and cleaning services on top of adding a new coat to the surface of your home. Instead of taking on the tiresome project yourself, our professionals will enhance the appearance of your living space. You should hire our exterior painting company because:

  • We offer a better quality of work: As professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to pick the right kind of paint for your home. Besides painting your house, we also inspect and repair your siding to ensure that the coat will be clean and smooth.
  • We can save you time: Between gathering all the supplies, inspecting and repairing any damage, washing the siding and painting the house, an exterior painting project can take nearly a week to complete. Any mistakes you might make during the painting process can prolong your timeline as you go back and fix the issues. If we paint the exterior of your house, you can save time and energy working on a different project.
  • We work efficiently: Since we have experience with all types of homes, we’ve had time to develop our expertise. Whether you have a one-story ranch or a three-story Colonial, we know how to color every intricate detail of your home’s architectural design. We also have experience working on a ladder, so if the idea of heights intimidates you, hire our professionals to take care of your home’s paint job.
  • We have the right equipment on hand: If you painted your house yourself, you would have to go to the store and buy what you need. You may realize in the middle of your project that you forgot to pick up primer or a drape cloth. Our professional exterior painting contractors have high-quality equipment on hand and know how to use it.
  • We are licensed and insured: We have a license and insurance to back up our company. Our license allows us to correct any problems that may arise and cover the additional price to fix them. If any safety incidents or damages occur on the job, our company’s insurance will reimburse us for any medical or property costs.

Our professional painters have the knowledge and experience to pick the right paint for your home

Why Trust Shoreline as Your Exterior Painting Contractor

Shoreline Painting is a professional exterior painting company that serves Mount Kisco and other cities in coastal New York. Here are some of the reasons why our loyal customers and partners leave us such positive reviews after each project:

  • We’ve been in business for more than 35 years: For more than three decades, our family-owned business has transformed houses into breathtaking homes. Our management strategy is the powerhouse combination of eco-friendly materials, experienced artisans and efficient tools. As a result, we complete all projects with integrity and craft at the forefront of our minds. Since we are fully bonded, licensed and insured, you can trust us as your exterior painting contractor.
  • We’re a Fine Paints of Europe Master Certified Painter: At Shoreline Painting, we provide the best quality paint for your home. Fine Paints of Europe is an eco-friendly, oil-based paint that will keep the bright appearance of your house for years to come.
  • We are with you every step of the way: When you schedule our exterior painting services, you won’t have to provide any supplies or do any prep work. We take care of the whole process, including helping you brainstorm the right color for your house. Our services include inspecting your house for damage, cleaning the entire exterior of your home and applying a fresh coat of paint.

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An Overview of Our Professional Exterior Painting Services

When you trust us to paint the exterior of your home, we will treat your house like we’re taking care of our own with this process:

  • Initial consultation: After you contact us for information, we discuss your paint options with you. We know what paint colors are trending right now, as well as what benefits painting the exterior of your home has to offer your living space. If you’re not sure what colors you like, we can suggest a color scheme to enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  • Careful preparation: Before we start painting, we’ll lay the foundation for a successful paint job. We’ll place drop cloths and drapes under all work areas so that your lawn and driveway are protected. After inspecting the siding and the roof, we’ll fill any holes to ensure a smooth surface on your siding. We also clean the exterior of your house, removing all dirt, mildew and grime.
  • Expert application: Besides the color, we consider every aspect of your house when we choose paint for your property. The material of your siding and the climate of your house will affect your need for moisture or UV-resistant paint. We’ll take the old, worn-out paint you have on your current siding and make your home look brand new.

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