Shoreline Painting Offers Fine Paints of Europe Professional Coatings

December 11, 2013

All of us at Shoreline Painting and Drywall are very excited and proud to announce the public availability of the new Fine Paints of Europe paint and coating technique.  As a certified contractor specializing in the application of the Fine Paints of Europe coatings, Shoreline Painting has fulfilled the following requirements and has agreed to adhere to all of the ongoing requirements necessary for continued certification:

  • Nominated by Fine Paints of Europe retailer and confirmed to be a professional company of good character that has worked with their paints and coatings for at least five years.
  • Attended training sessions where we were formally introduced to each of the Fine Paints of Europe paint products and best application techniques.
  • Recognize that our continued certification requires us to provide our Fine Paints of Europe clients with first-quality work at a fair price.

Obviously, these types of paint products and the techniques required to correctly apply them are not something that the novice painter can learn overnight.  Our mastery of the correct techniques combined with over 35 years of painting experience and our commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees our success in providing beautiful, long-lasting results with the Fine Paints of Europe finishes.  Our workshop has numerous spray booths that are dedicated solely to working with the Fine Paints of Europe coatings and techniques.  In addition, whether you’re looking for that high gloss finish on a wood door or a matte finish on a window sill or trim, our certified professionals are aware of all of the little tips and tricks that are involved in obtaining that perfect high-quality finish every time.

By using the highest quality products that we have available, such as the Fine Paints of Europe coatings, we can ensure a durable, long-lasting finish that will last for many years to come.  The process involved with the special textures offered by the Fine Paints of Europe may add a step or two to our usual painting procedure, but it is well worth the extra effort.  Once a room is finished and furnishings are added, the results exhibit such a unique look to the home that your visitors will wonder how you did it!

Here are some examples of the Fine Paints of Europe finishes that we’ve been using at Shoreline:

This is a close-up of a detail wall that has been painted with the Fine Paints of Europe high gloss finish.  We went a bit close on this one to highlight the actual texture of the finish, but you can still see the reflection of the light and door on the opposite side of the room:

The next two photos show satin/flat finished walls with another Fine Paints of Europe finish on the ceiling. Again, please note the reflection of the windows, light and chair rails on the ceiling.

This is a very nice example of how these Fine Paints of Europe colors and textures can make a room “pop” with class and luxury:

In addition to these photos, please take a look at this you-tube video of our technicians in action as they apply the Fine Paints of Europe coatings to a door for one of our local customers:

You can also see other videos of our work with Fine Paints of Europe coatings on the Videos page of our website.

If you’d like to add that special touch of European class and feel to the walls, ceilings, doors or other parts of your home, give us a call today!  You can visit us at for more information or to contact us for a fast free estimate.

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