How to Keep the Colonial Tradition Alive in Your Home

May 1, 2014

Colonial homes are common throughout New England, giving this area of the country a traditional look. If you live in one of these homes, you may want to keep the tradition alive in the way you decorate the exterior of your home. Whether you are looking for exterior painting services or you use other décor true to the period, maintaining a colonial look creates a beautiful home.

Simplicity Is the Focus

Colonial homes date back to the 1600s when settlers first came to America to build new lives for themselves. Many of these people had limited means and needed to build shelter quickly to protect against the elements. This led to square homes with simple construction, the most notable feature in the colonial style. If you want to maintain the colonial look of your home, reconsider lighting fixtures and other additions to the exterior of your home. Keep your choices simple and rustic to provide the look you want.

Choose Neutral Paint Colors

When you hire exterior painting services to freshen up the look of your home, choosing neutral, muted colors are best to maintain the look of your colonial home. People living in those times didn’t have access to the paints we use today. Instead, they either left their homes bare of any paint or they used whatever natural methods they could find to stain their home in a different color. Choosing the right colors is important to keep your home looking like an original colonial home.

Landscaping for Colonial

Another way to keep the colonial tradition alive is to choose your landscaping options carefully. Bushes are a great addition to your elevation, drawing the focus away from your yard and toward your beautiful home. Keeping flowers with pops of color to a minimum will complement your home as well.

Living in a colonial home can make you feel as if you are a part of history. In addition to considering neutral paint colors for your exterior painting, there are other tips to maintaining the colonial feel of your home. Keep exterior decor simple and choose landscaping that focuses attention on the house to keep the tradition alive in your colonial-styled home.

If you are looking for exterior painting services to help you refresh your colonial home, contact us. We can help you make the right exterior painting choices.

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