Painting vs. Wallpaper — Which One Should You Choose?

October 25, 2019
Living room interior painted by Shoreline

Whether you’re moving into a new house, remodeling a drab room, or just looking for that extra pop of color, painting your home can be one of the most enjoyable parts of being a homeowner.

When it comes to revamping the style and color of your room, there are two popular methods: painting and wallpapering. Both come with their own perks and quirks. So how do you know which is the right one for you?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to figure out which wins in the painting vs. wallpaper debate. Once you decide, you’ll be ready to redecorate in no time.



Wallpaper was once the in-vogue decor choice. Today, its popularity has dwindled due to the cost and effort involved. But should wallpaper really fall out of style? Or is there still something to be said for this classic aesthetic choice? You be the judge:



  • It stands the test of time. One of wallpaper’s biggest claims to fame is its longevity. As long as its goes up well and doesn’t suffer much exposure to moisture, wallpaper can last for up to 15 years. That’s truly a big perk, provided you don’t get tired of the pattern you’ve selected.
  • Speaking of patterns, one of wallpaper’s greatest advantages is its endless stylish possibilities. With a wide selection of textured accents, bold patterns and unique styles, wallpapering is a surefire way to give each wall a signature flavor.


  • Wallpapering is not for the faint of heart. It’s significantly more challenging than painting. If you make a mistake putting it up, it’s infinitely harder to fix than a paint job, which just requires painting over the error. Applying wallpaper takes the next level of finesse, and removing wallpaper is typically time-consuming and potentially frustrating.
  • Wallpaper is delicate. Susceptible to water damage and at risk of peeling from moisture exposure, wallpaper can be hard to please. You’d need to consider the location carefully. The bathroom or kitchen, for example, run the risk of being moisture danger zones that lead to premature peeling.



Painting your walls is another way to bring a fresh, rejuvenating look and feel to your home. If you’re stuck and can’t decide between wallpapering or painting, consider these advantages and disadvantages:



  • Any way you spin it, painting is an easier process. Maybe your kid found their inner Piccaso and decided to make crayon art across the living room wall. A fresh coat of paint over the trouble spot and no one’s the wiser. Painting your walls requires less prior experience and costs less than wallpaper to buy, put up and replace.
  • Another important perk? Painting lets you change your mind. If you decide to change the feel of a room, a new color of paint — or a statement wall with a pop of color — is a simple yet effective way to achieve it. As children grow up or rooms get reshuffled, they may want to restyle their rooms. Painting keeps your home flexible and fun.
  • Painting allows you to embrace the creative. While wallpaper is a static option, painting allows you to embrace the whimsy and find exactly what you’re looking for. You can choose to mix paints and find the perfect shade or confer with professionals to follow a designed color scheme. With an endless array of mix-and-match options, you have more opportunities than ever before to create the home of your dreams.


  • Painting has a shorter lifespan. It won’t last as long as wallpapering and will need to be refreshed more frequently. On the upside, this will give you more opportunities to repaint and rethink your home.
  • Painting doesn’t offer patterns. You’ll have more colors and creativity to pick from, but unless you opt for a highly texturized or specialized paint, you won’t have the same bold, exotic prints as wallpaper.


Ready to Choose?

While there are merits to both, at the end of the day, painting your walls gives you the most creative control and flexibility. With just a few fresh coats, you can turn your home from a collection of rooms into a beautiful piece of art — one that can change with your style.

Remember that if the choice feels overwhelming or you can’t imagine fitting a painting job into your busy schedule, our team of experts has you covered. View our painting services to see how we can help!

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