2 Out of 3 Homeowners Want to Add Interior Paint Color

July 17, 2014

Many homeowners choose white or a neutral tone by default because they want to make sure every room matches the décor they choose. Some individuals are nervous about selecting the wrong color for their interior painting. However, about two out of every three homeowners would love to add color to various rooms in their home. Home painters can help these homeowners make the right choice and achieve the look they want.

Which Rooms?

While some areas of the home may benefit from neutral colors and whites, there are other rooms homeowners want the help of interior painting contractors. For instance, the living room and family room are two of the most common spaces for adding a touch of color, whether it is on one accent wall or throughout the room. After these two rooms, homeowners choose to add color to the bathroom and bedroom. Regardless of which room you want to transform, home painters can help you choose the proper colors to complement your décor and create the overall look you want.

Which Colors?

While there is no right or wrong color for your interior painting, some hues are more popular than others. About a third of homeowners prefer neutral tones that include hints of yellow, red and brown. A quarter of individuals like neutral colors in shades of green and brown. In addition to the variety of color options, the age of the homeowner can play a role in the colors chosen. Home painters are well versed in color preferences and can help indecisive homeowners make the right choices for their homes.

Interior painting is a great way to change the look of your room without replacing all your furniture or wall décor. Home painters understand the homeowner’s desire to change the color of their interiors. Painting contractors take great pride in helping these individuals choose colors that match their preferences and the rest of the décor in the room. As many as two thirds of homeowners want to use color to transform their homes. With the help of painting professionals, any homeowner can make the right decisions to create more inviting living spaces.

If you are looking for help choosing colors for your interior painting, contact us. Our Greenwich home painters can help you make the right choices.

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