Use Fine Paints of Europe Coatings in Your Home For an Eye-Popping Effect

January 11, 2014

On an evening when you have a small gathering at your home for dinner and dessert, your guests arrive on time with their appetites and wine in tow.  Dinner is a great success, as the conversation and delicious food go hand in hand at the table.  Just as the coffee and dessert are served, one of your guests breaks the ice about some changes to your home: “So, what’s different in this room?” Another friend chimes in: “What have you done to the house?  I can’t put my finger on it, but something is different in here, did you change the pictures on the wall?  Did you paint the walls?” These are the types of questions or comments that you may hear from friends and visitors when you re-paint a wall, change carpets or perhaps move some furniture around in your home.  As we all know, subtle changes that make things look a bit less cluttered or perhaps fill a room better than the previous layout can certainly make a difference in your home.  However, the questions that we mentioned above are the types of things that you are certain NOT to hear when you paint the interior of your home using some of the Fine Paints of Europe finishes and textures.  When you use Fine Paints of Europe coatings on your walls, doors or other parts of the interior of your home, the impact will be large and eye catching.  The questions may resemble something like “Oh my goodness, how did they make those walls look like that!?”  Perhaps you’d hear “Look at those doors, they look magnificent!”  In any case, rest assured that your guests will notice a big difference in your home and they’ll make it known fairly quickly that they love the new look of your living room, dining room or bedroom and wish that they could do the same in their homes.

Even a subtle change like adding a Fine Paints of Europe high gloss textured paint around a fireplace, bar or kitchen area wall, will result in compliments ranging from a simple “wow” to maybe even a request or demand to know how the work was done to achieve such a unique finish.

Fine Paints of Europe finishes are designed with these results in mind.  The objective is to give a high quality, long-lasting finish that tells people that you have the eye for quality and that you understand that certain details of your home cannot be left to simple treatments like white paint over primer.  By using a Fine Paints of Europe product, with the correct techniques, in selected rooms in your home, you’ll be making a statement that says “My home deserves the best”.

Please take a look at our portfolio and videos pages for some examples of the projects that we’ve completed using Fine Paints of Europe finishes.

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