Painting Company in Darien Explains No VOC and Low VOC

September 19, 2013

When you stroll down the paint aisles of your local home improvement store, chances are you are pretty impressed with the wide array of paints that are available to choose from. While some differences, such as interior and exterior, are easy to recognize, there are others you may not understand, such as No VOC and low VOC. These are the most recent new additions to paint labels and it is actually very important that you understand their meaning. If you hire a professional painting company in Darien like Shoreline Painting ( ) , they will understand this terminology; however it is important you do as well.

The Terminology

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are the bad or harmful particles that are put in the air when you use paint. This is why you may see a professional worker for a painting company Darien wearing a mask during the painting process. There are some studies that have shown that when the particles are inhaled for extended periods of time, that they may lead to health problems.

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A mask and gloves can effectively protect a painter from these particles, as well as opening a window for proper ventilation. This is crucial if you are using paint that is not labeled No VOC or low VOC, however also important if you are using these types of paints, because nothing is fool proof.

Lower is Better

If you have children in your home, a Darien painting company may recommend a Low VOC or No VOC paint. VOC particles may bother small children. When you choose a low or no VOC option, you can feel confident that the paints will be free from compounds that are found in the traditional types of interior paint. Some of the compounds that you may want to avoid include acetone and ethyl acetate.

Since the Low VOC and No VOC options do not contain these particles, they will not be released in the air, which means they are safer. Choosing these options is better for the professional workers from the hired painting company in Darien, as well as the environment and the home’s occupants. Understanding the meaning of these terms will help you choose the safest paint for your family, which will help to ensure optimum health, as well as a great looking paint job!

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