Interior Painting Stamford – More Than Just an Excellent Return on Your Investment

August 31, 2013

Today we received a phone call from a high-level executive for a Fortune 500 company who will soon be moving to the area with his family.

He recently purchased a 3500 square foot house in North Stamford and was referred to us after asking a coworker which interior painting Stamford based company he uses.

It’s funny because the call started off one way, but ended another way. Let me explain.

You see, as CEOs and CFOs of major companies, sometimes by nature they tend to look at a project mostly as a “return on investment.” If you take into consideration the fact that he just bought the home recently, this is quite understandable. And that’s how the call started off.

But, working with a company like ours, it’s really so much more.

Sure, by selecting the top-rated and most experienced interior painting Stamford contractor to plan, manage and complete your project, you are certainly ensuring an excellent return on your investment.

But aside from increasing your property’s value, you are also ensuring a more enjoyable living and work space. After all, you spend a good part of your life in your home. Why settle for less than the best?

What’s more, when you work with us you are working with a team that goes out of our way to take the headache out of a major interior painting Stamford project for you.

We do this in a number of ways. To start off, we assign a caring, friendly and knowledgeable PM (Project Manager) who becomes your single point of contact, and whose sole job is to manage:

  • (a) your project’s overall plan and timeline

  • (b) our interior painting artisans

  • (c) your budget

  • (d) any additional requests you may have that come up during the project

  • We have our process down to a foolproof, client-pleasing science, and this means we handle all the ins-and-outs of the business.

For example, got questions on colors? We’re color experts, and we can provide you with an abundance of ideas to turn a dull, drab room into vivid expression of charm, warmth, and elegance, even luxury.

When it comes to the project itself, we do everything for you, like:

  • We carefully prepare the room to protect your furniture, floors, windows, fixtures, switch plates, hardware, etc.
  • We prepare all surfaces and fill all nail holes, spackling, repair imperfections, applying caulk, sanding, and more.
  • We handle all the interior painting and painting-related services you need, including painting bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, basements, trim, wallpaper removal, painting preparation, etc.

When the job is complete―and even after each day’s work―we will leave your home cleaner and neater than we found it.

Getting a return on your investment is important. But when you work with a company like us, you get so much more.

As the most highly recommended and highly sought-after interior painting Stamford contractors, we know what you expect and our willingness to take excellent care of our clients is what has built our reputation in the community over the past 30 + years.

Please call us today for information on our company, to discuss your project, and for a free estimate. We serve all of Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY.

Please call us: 203-302-1086.
Or email us:


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