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September 12, 2013

This memorial day weekend, we’re happy to hear the economy is recovering.

It wasn’t too many memorial day weekends ago that one financial disaster after another was being reported in the Westport news.

The trend during those dark days was toward do-it-yourself painting, both interior and exterior.

Luckily, that trend was short-lived. Exterior painting is more complicated than it seems.

EQUIPMENT. Take a trip to any local do-it-yourself house painters Westport store, or anywhere in Fairfield County, and you will find yourself inundated and overwhelmed with all the equipment and supplies needed to do the job.

SAFETY. Safety is probably one of the biggest considerations when deciding to do a custom exterior paint job. If you are injured, can you afford to be down and out for weeks or even months?

QUALITY. Quality is another consideration. Do you have the knowledge and experience to know which paint will last more than one year?―How the different colors affect the durability of the paint? ―What the difference is between paints? And so on?

It makes more sense to hire a professional. We at Shoreline Painting, the best house painters Westport has to offer, have the experience and ability to add that impeccable and beautiful custom paint job to your home.

A custom paint job is not just a paint job; everything is looked at on the exterior. Anything that needs to be repaired to get your house looking beautiful is included in the estimate, and we explain every last detail to you so there are no surprises.

We determine the best paint necessary to give a lasting finish. And we offer the peace of mind that comes with having insurance to cover anything that may happen.

This is not as simple as it sounds. For example: Do you have loose fascia or perhaps some decorative molding that is deteriorating? Where do you find replacements for your custom moldings? We can help.

When deciding on colors, we advise you on any fading effects so you know what the color is going to look over time.

These are just some of the many ways in which we at Shoreline Painting, the most reputable house painters Westport has to offer, can give you the best ideas on how to bring distinction to your home.

Please call us today for information on our company, to discuss your project, and for a free estimate.

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