The Benefits of Hiring a Local Painting Company

April 22, 2015

Hiring professional house painters is a smart move and can save homeowners a lot of time and effort. You can either hire a large, national chain or a local contractor. Although both are professionals, there are some major differences between the two. When considering home painters, there are some distinct benefits associated with hiring local painting companies.

Local Painters Need to Protect their Reputation

Local house painters have good reasons to protect their professional reputation. They work and live in the area and are well aware word can get around quickly, whether it’s good or bad. They have to be mindful of pleasing customers in the immediate area since word of mouth can travel quickly. They typically rely largely on referrals from customers and look for repeat business in the same region. National chains have a huge area they provide services for and do not have to worry as much about what local customers think about them or their work. It’s easy to acquire local references for local painting contractors.

Help Boost the Local Economy

Another benefit of hiring a local painting company is most of the money is going to stay in the region. They are likely to purchase the tools, equipment and supplies needed for painting from local businesses. This can offer a great boost to the economy of the area. Local contractors are also more likely to be involved in projects and organizations that are important to the community. National chains are not as likely to purchase from local vendors and they probably are not going to be concerned about projects that directly benefit the community or its citizens.

Easy to Check for References

One of the things to check when hiring home painters is the quality of their previous work. A national chain may or may not have completed projects in the region and examples of their work can be difficult to locate. On the other hand, a local painting contractor has probably completed some projects in the immediate region, which makes it easy to find a house or business they have worked on recently. This offers homeowners the unique opportunity of seeing exactly what type of work the contractor can perform.

If you are ready to talk to a local contractor who lives in your area and can provide local references, please contact us. Shoreline Painting and Drywall has been painting homes in the Stamford, Connecticut, area for more than three decades.

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