The Ultimate Guide to Painting Your Man Cave

November 28, 2016

Ahh, the man cave. The ultimate retreat within your own home can unfortunately be subject to some major design faux pas. Let’s face it, everyone should have their own space to veg out, kick back with their oldest buddies and just relax after a long day at work.

However, most importantly, your man cave should reflect your own personal style. We all know what you’re thinking when you hear the term “man cave.” The name alone conjures up the image of a bunch of rabid male sports fans hanging out in a basement with a makeshift bar, surrounded by ill-advised design choices.

At Shoreline Painting, we think the man cave shouldn’t be this tacky stereotype — it should be this cool escape, as unique as the man inhabiting it. We’re happy to help you once you’re ready to start transforming your basement or spare room into the ultimate hang out zone, but first, you’ll want to get a sense of the type of space you’d like to create, as well as the colors that will make it a reality.


Man Cave Themes

Okay, you don’t have to have a theme for your man cave, but it does make things a bit more fun, and narrows down the possibilities for man cave paint colors and wall décor. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Lodge — For those who love all things outdoors, the ski lodge-themed man cave is the perfect getaway right inside your own home. Opt for a generous amount of wood paneling on the walls and ceiling, big patterned area rugs and if it suits you, some trophy bucks from a successful hunt. Natural tones are key here — think various shades of brown with wood all over the place. Alternatively, you can go a little darker with dark greens or blues, which will complement any wood accents.


Old West Saloon — Taking your cave back in time to the Old West is a great idea if you’re the type of guy who loves old westerns and an ice cold sarsaparilla (or beer, more likely). Lots of wood and some bare bones bar furniture are a good place to start. For paint colors, go with earthier hues like browns, tans or beiges. Accent with details like barrels as tables for drinks, Southwestern textiles and vintage cowboy hats and boots. Bonus points if you can get classic saloon-style double doors.

Cigar Room — What’s more masculine than a room dedicated to the simple pleasure of enjoying a cigar with a fine whiskey. Deep reds, velvety drapery, and cognac-colored leather touches will take this man cave back to bygone era of sophisticated manhood. Go all out with the luxurious accents and dark wood accents. If you have the resources, incorporate a bar element into the cave. No cigar smoking man cave is complete without a selection of fine scotches and the like.

Record Store — If you’re a big time music lover, make your man cave pay tribute to all your favorite bands. Keep your records on display in crates, perhaps hanging some favorites or collectibles on the wall. The sound system will be your coup de grace here — record player, recording equipment and speakers galore. As far as colors go, look for a scheme that makes all your favorite posters and collectibles sing. Since album art can get pretty colorful, don’t go overboard with the bright colors. Instead, opt for a lighter blue or green, complemented with wood accents or cream-colored molding.

Movie Theater — If you’re a big time movie buff, what could be better than your own home screening room? Think wall sconces and velvet curtains, a big flat screen TV, and of course, big plush reclining chairs for the ultimate viewing experience. If you really want to step up your movie game, think stadium seating — it’s sure to be a hit with the family as well as the guys. As far a paint job goes — the home theater works best with a dark backdrop. Black or dark brown walls allow a dark space for binging on your favorite flicks, or let’s be honest, reality television shows. If that sounds too cold for you, opt for a dark red or something in the purple family, adding a little warmth to the space, while still providing optimal viewing conditions.


Sports Bar — the quintessential man cave theme, the sports bar motif works so well for a reason. Sports fans have a place to gather their friends, enjoy a few beers and relax in front of the big screen, all without leaving the house and fending off a gang of rabid sports fans. Pick paint colors that reflect your favorite team, and go crazy with the memorabilia. This is a great opportunity for those who have signed merchandise to display their prized possessions — jerseys, signed balls, collectible baseball cards and more. Additionally, items like neon beer signs from your favorite brew or bar stools and pool tables will really do the trick, transforming your basement into a legit looking bar — minus the liquor license and surly regulars.

Surf Shack — Dreaming of the beach, or craving a pina colada? Set up your own private island getaway, right in your own home. Go crazy with the island theme here — think 60’s Hawaiiana, a bar stocked with your favorite rums and fruity cocktail fixings, topped off with the kind of kitchy wall décor that you’d find in your favorite tiki bar. If you’re into surfing, display some of your own boards, either as a standalone piece of wall art, or incorporated into a creative shelf.

Speakeasy — Go all 1930s and set up your very own speakeasy. Dark colors like reds. Blacks and dark browns work well here, and perhaps an accent wall with velvet wallpaper. The speakeasy man cave is the perfect time to get creative with the accessories — phonographs, taxidermy topped off with luxurious leather furniture and your man cave will be the epitome of old school charm.



Man Cave Paint Scheme

Man caves are often covered in dark colors — blacks, browns and greys. But who says a man cave doesn’t deserve a splash of color, or a wash of light and bright serenity. Don’t be afraid to add a hint of personality to the man cave mix — royal blues and vibrant oranges add a colorful masculinity to a room. Pair bolder colors with creams or tans to tone it down a bit, so it doesn’t feel like a kid’s room minus the race car bed.

First things first, decide what kind of vibe you’re going for in this space.

Are you looking for a personal sanctuary to read and collect your thoughts? Or perhaps you’re looking for a multi-use space that’ll help you both work hard and play hard. No matter what your ideal man cave looks like, you’ll need to get a sense of what colors to paint the space before you dive right in. Certain colors make us feel a certain way — reds evoke passion and excitement, dark colors give rooms a cooler, sophistication and blues and greens create a calm energy. We’ve put together a quick guide to color schemes that’ll help narrow down the search for the right man cave decoration style.

Chill — Looking for your own private oasis? Create a sense of tranquility painting your man cave with a soothing palette. Colors like turquoise, blues and greens all create a peaceful backdrop for a man cave that’ll serve as the perfect space to get some thinking done or settle in with a good book and your favorite music playing on your record player. If that sounds a little too colorful for your taste, look toward the neutrals for inspiration — think greys, rich cream colors and whites. Who says a man cave needs to actually feel like a cave, anyway?

Masculine — If you’re looking to replicate a throwback masculine aesthetic — like an old study with notes of scotch and leather in the air, look for rich, earth tones complemented by a strong color. For this look, we like colors like burgundy, hunter green and navy, the sort of fall and winter colors best complemented by rich neutrals.

Sleek — Think blacks, dark greys — the sort of moody bachelor pad aesthetic that’ll make your man cave feel more like the bat cave. While its’s always a little risky to use black paint on a wall, if you play with textures — like an accent wall with a textured wallpaper or painted wood paneling, you’ll bring a bit more warmth to the table. Top it off with cool black leather furniture and chrome accents. This theme will take your man cave to the next level, oozing the sophistication and class that’ll make your place the go-to for any “guys’ night in.”



Paint Your Man Cave With a Favorite Team’s Colors

We don’t know about you, but when we think man cave, we think sports. Particularly football. If you’re looking to give your cave that special touch that makes it the go to place to catch the big game, Shoreline Painting is just the right place.

At Shoreline, we’re proud supporters of the Jets and the Giants. A Jets’ green and white man cave could be a tasteful, mostly neutral display — we’re thinking accents of dark wood, with team memorabilia hanging on the wall — jerseys, posters and still shots of memorable games are a good place to start. Or maybe something like a Giants-themed room — we’re thinking mostly grey, with royal blue accent wall, maybe some red chairs or a throw blanket here and there.

Don’t go crazy with the bright colors, instead use them to punctuate the space. If your favorite team has a color like orange or yellow, it’s best to stick to using them on one wall, or featured in the art you choose to hang on the wall. It’ll make the impact of that color all the stronger, adding an element of grown-up sophistication to your man cave.


Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Man Cave

Furniture is key. Decide what exactly you plan on doing in your man cave. If its geared more toward watching sports or movies on the big screen, invest in a couch that puts comfort above all else.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to listen to records, read or enjoy hobbies that are more introspective, think about what kind of chairs would help harness the right energy. Do you like modern, clean lines? Mid-century décor?



Seating Options

A critical piece of the man cave pie, picking the right seating makes or breaks the space. Think about what you plan on doing in the room. Getting work done, conversing with friends or plunking down for the big game or an epic flick? Whatever the case, you’ll definitely want to have comfortable seating on hand, as well as something that celebrates your personal take on the whole man cave experience.

Sectional Sofa — The sectional sofa is ideal for a number of reasons. First, you’ll be able to seat all your friends in one place, without anyone stomping on one another. Second, the sectional is the best way to fit a good amount of seating in one place, especially if you’re man cave is lacking in real estate. If your space is a bit larger, like a basement or attic, a five-piece sectional sofa is a good option. You can set up the various pieces in any configuration you want, getting the maximum bang for your buck. Some sectionals even transform into a bed. Perfect if you’re having friends come stay with you, or just feel like settling in for the long haul after the big football game ends.

Plush Recliners — The epitome of man cave furniture, every man needs his chair. You know, the well-loved chair that only has eyes for the man of the house. There’s a reason the man’s chair has become something of a trope. You don’t have to share the space, and sometimes it comes equipped with cup holders. Look, you’ll want to get a reclining chair no matter what, even if you do end up getting a sectional couch. There’s nothing better than kicking back in a chair that feels as though it was designed with you in mind.

Stadium Seating — Movie buffs, this one’s for you. Stadium seating does feel a little luxurious and over the top. Nevertheless, the benefits are clear — you’ll never block anyone, and it’s sure to impress your friends. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. Unless you’re thinking the sole purpose of the man cave is all media all the time, you’ll have some trouble carrying on a conversation if everyone’s seating arrangement is staggered and facing the same direction.

One solution, if you have the space that is, is to have the stadium seating in one area of the cave, while another, separate section has a more conversation friendly set up, with chairs facing one another.

Ottomans — Put those feet up! The man cave is your personal relaxation center, don’t forget to grab a few ottomans to complement your collection of chairs stationed near the couch. One of the main reasons to even have a man cave is to be comfortable while engaging in your favorite hobbies.

Whether you’re playing video games, watching sports or catching up on your favorite television shows, you’ll want your friends to be as comfortable possible as they hang out and drink a few beers. Moreover, the ottoman is a good way to incorporate your team’s colors into the mix without painting a whole wall.


Artwork and Accessories — Man Cave Wall Décor to Drive the Theme Home

The objects you choose to decorate your home say a lot about you as an individual, and help convey the right mood for your man cave. Whether you want to make your space feel like a cozy home theater, chock full of refreshments and plush seating, or a cool sports bar-like atmosphere, what you choose to put on the wall will take your man cave to the next level. It will add character and sophistication to a room that generally doesn’t get enough credit for being sleek and well-decorated.



Accent Walls

When we think wall décor, we generally picture artwork like posters and paintings, maybe a dartboard or a shelf. Nevertheless, don’t dismiss the idea of a textural accent wall, or something that goes around the entire room. Here are a few ideas:

Wood Paneling— Wood paneling gets a bad rep. However, beyond its ill-advised presence on mini-vans of the past, it can be a game changer for the man cave. Perfect for the man who likes a little old school charm, wood accented walls create the perfect man cave vibe — pair a dark wood with bold darker tones — maroons, hunter greens, inky blues. Top it all off with leather furniture and classic accessories like weathered maps on the wall, a nice lineup of scotch on hand, cigars.

Brick Wall — Another masculine touch, some exposed brick really sets the tone for kind of a hip, modern space. Think — breweries and artist lofts, exposed brick will give your man cave an element of cool. When choosing paint colors that will complement the brick, consult the color wheel — greenish tones will provide a great contrast against the brick red backdrop.

Rock Wall — A more unique take on the brick wall, the rock wall adds an element of rugged-ness to the room and gives the cave a bit more texture and character than plain old walls. Since rocks can function as sort of a neutral accent wall, complement the texture by pairing with a variety of neutrals — a mix of warm greys, cool greys and browns, topped off with cozy textiles and plush seating. The rocks work best if they’re surrounded by like colors, but furniture and accessories can add a little pop here and there.

Bold Highlight Wall — Go bold and paint one of your walls a loud vibrant color. Think bright red, warm oranges or a bright green. Either the remaining walls can be a neutral, or a much more toned down version of the same color. For example, if you go with a bright green, the surrounding walls could be a mossy green, or a pale green.


Art & Prints

Into art? Collect posters or prints? Put them to good use and decorate that man cave in style. Here are a few tips to help you decide what should go on the wall.

  • For best results, be sure to go with artwork that complements the color scheme of the space. If you’ve decked out your cave in blues and greens, a little pop of red or orange will stand out, speaking volumes.
  • As far as size goes, with artwork, you’ll want to pick something that echoes the dimensions you’re working with. Meaning, if you have a long and narrow wall you’d like to fill, get a long and narrow piece of art.
  • Don’t let a small art piece float in a sea of blank wall space. A big wall deserves a similarly large piece.
  • Another thing, don’t fill your man cave with everything under the sun. Yes, it’s your space and yours alone. However, you’ll want to give each art piece you hang some breathing room so it stands out. You probably don’t want your man cave to be so covered in flair that it looks like a TGI Friday’s, right?
  • One last thing. Whether you’re hanging a collection of prints or displaying your mint condition comic book collection, you’ll want to invest in high quality lighting so each item gets a chance to shine. Invest in quality lighting that shows off the art.



Sports memorabilia

Hang signed jerseys display sporting equipment to create a real sports environment. Try framing posters, jerseys or sports photographs with understated wood frames, so it elevates the aesthetic a bit. You’re an adult, steer clear of too many colors and overcrowding the space with knick knacks. Instead, display your favorite pieces, with restraint. Frame posters or photos in matching wood frames. Use balls or memorabilia as book ends on shelves.


Ready to Paint Your Man Cave? Call Shoreline Painting Today

Whether you’re looking for Giants colors or Jets, or something completely different, give us a call if you’re looking to have your man cave painted. With our eco-friendly materials and highly skilled painters and contractors, Shoreline Painting & Drywall has the all the right tools to take your basic basement to the next level — the ultimate man cave. We’ll get you set up with the perfect color schemes from cool and classic neutrals to bold, bright colors.

Our service extends from Westchester to Fairfield county, NYC, the Hamptons and more. Whether you’re looking for the perfect man cave paint colors, or need the exterior of your house painted we’ve got you covered. To learn more about what Shoreline Painting can do for you, contact us today for a free estimate.

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