Choose Our Fine Paints of Europe Products for All of Your Painting Needs

February 9, 2014

So, you’ve decided to spruce up your home with some new furniture, a couple of new area rugs and some nice fresh paint on the walls.  Great idea, as the combination of these items will go a long way toward changing the dynamic of a room or an entire level of your home.  Painting may seem like a simple idea, but with today’s different colors, textures and sheen choices, it can be quite a complex process. Enter the Fine Paints of Europe.  Not only do these outstanding paints offer a long list of color options, but the different application options of these paints can provide various finishes and textures that can be tailored to fit the interior nature of your home.  At Shoreline Painting, we specialize in the application of the Fine Paints of Europe finishes and we can help you go through the various steps that are necessary in choosing the right paint for your home.

Colors are obviously a very important first step, as it can be used to accentuate or mute certain aspects of a wall or room.  Colors can make a room look warmer, cooler, taller, shorter, more spacious or less spacious depending on the application and the furnishings that are added once the final paint has been applied.  Fine Paints of Europe finishes came in many different colors that can be used advantageously to achieve any desired effect.

Flat, gloss, semi gloss or high glosses are some of the common choices when it comes to sheen.  This can be just as important as color, and in some cases, more important as the sheen can make a big impact on the final outcome and result of a room, wall or detailing.  Depending on the nature and functionality of the rooms to be painted, certain sheen options will work better than others.  Fine Paints of Europe products give you the option of choosing the sheen that works right with your home.  Shoreline’s painting experts can also help you in determining the best combination to use based on your home’s age, character and furnishings.

If there’s one thing that’s common among the entire line of Fine Paints of Europe products, it’s quality!  There isn’t much more we can say other than the best quality paints will make your home look its best and give you a final product that will last a long time.  These high quality paints are more resistant to dirt and grime and provide you with beautiful finishes and excellent durability.

Call Shoreline Painting today for a free estimate on changing the interior look of your home using the Fine Paints of Europe coatings and textures.  We guarantee that your home will have the luxurious, long-lasting beauty that it deserves.

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