High Gloss Painting Services in Upper Manhattan

So many details go into your home’s decor. With a strong attention to detail, you put in the time to handpick every one of those details to get exactly the look you want. An often underrated part of a home’s decor is the paint. While guests are often drawn to furniture and decorations in a room’s decor, the walls themselves are an important detail too. The colors of paint that you select for your home are crucial.

The color of your walls can make or break your home’s decor. The right color fits seamlessly with the other elements in a room while the wrong one can distract.
At Shoreline Painting, we’ll help you find the exact appearance you’re looking for in your home. With our high-quality products and variety of specialty painting services, we’re ready to take care of all of your painting needs.


The Highest Quality Products Available

Shoreline Painting uses Fine Paints of Europe products. Their offers are some of the highest-quality paint products in the world. Some paints lose their color over time, but you won’t see that happen with Fine Paints of Europe.

One huge perk of using these products is their vast range of colors and hues. Many homeowners feel frustrated when shopping for paint if everything they see isn’t quite right. Fine Paints of Europe offers thousands of color options, allowing you to find just the right shade for every room in your home. We also provide a color match in case you have a specific hue in mind.

After you’ve selected the perfect color of paint, you have one more decision to make — the paint’s finish. Our paint products come in a variety of finishes, each giving a unique look to the paint. Your choices of finishes include:

  • Brilliant
  • Gloss
  • Satin
  • Flat
  • Matte

A paint’s finish indicates how much of a shine it will have after it’s dry. The matte finish will have the least amount of shine, and the brilliant finish will have the most. The finish that you choose will depend on the atmosphere you’d like to give the room as well as your own tastes.


The High Gloss Painting Services in Upper Manhattan to Finish Every Painting Project

No matter what painting project you have in mind, Shoreline Painting is ready to work. We’re a full-service specialty painting contractor in Upper Manhattan. We know that every project is different, so we’ll work with you closely to ensure a result you adore. Our painting services include:

  • Commercial painting
  • New construction painting
  • Color consulting to find the perfect color
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Kitchen cabinet painting as well as wood varnish application

We’re ready to help with projects in any room of your home, and we feel confident that we can help you find the perfect look for your decor.


Specialty Painting Services in Upper Manhattan From Our NYC High Gloss Division

Shoreline Painting is a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter. We’re proud to be one of only eight entities in the world to have earned this distinction.

It’s not easy to earn such a recognition from Fine Paints of Europe. We had to undergo an extensive process to earn our certification. First, we were nominated by a local Fine Paints of Europe retailer and confirmed to be of good character with a dedication to our customers. Next, we attended a weekend training session with Fine Paints of Europe representatives to learn more about their families of paints and best application practices. We continue to offer all of our customers excellent craftsmanship at a fair price.

If you’d like to learn more about our products or services or request a free estimate for your home in Marble Hill, Washington Heights, Inwood or any other Upper Manhattan neighborhood, contact us today.

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