Roof Snow Removal in Fairfield County

Shoreline Painting is extending our services to include winter tasks capable of protecting your home from unnecessary damage, such as roof snow removal in Westport, CT, Stamford, Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan. Winters in Fairfield County, CT come with more snow than many structures can safely handle. Even when collapse is avoided, structural damage can take place, requiring tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Ice damming is also a big problem for residents in the area – but can easily be prevented with the proper attention. Protect yourself by hiring a professional.


Upscale Snow Removal Offers Dual Protection

Our company is well-known for providing the highest-quality interior and exterior painting to the area’s most exclusive homes. We took on roof raking in Stamford, CT, and nearby areas after witnessing damages to our clients’ properties. Unfortunately, while the snow and ice takes a toll on roofing, so do rushed and clumsy snow removal methods. Hire a luxury home maintenance expert to ensure your structures are as protected as possible.

Roof snow removal is necessary to prevent roof collapse, but it also maintains the integrity of your home’s structure. Doors that are difficult to shut and open are one of the first signs of an impending cave-in. It’s caused by the pressure weighing on the frame of the house. If you don’t possess the right equipment or knowledge, simply attempting to remove the snow yourself can still cause damage to your home’s structure.


The Dangers of DIY Roof Snow Removal

Homeowners who attempt roof raking can hurt themselves or their property. Even experienced handymen may not have the tools and know-how needed to safely do this job on their own. Given the slick, sometimes windy conditions and the equipment involved, mishaps are common.

Among the most frequent complications, you’ll find:

  • Injuries related to falls
  • Roof and tile damage
  • Home structure damage
  • Incomplete work

Professional teams are prepped for these issues and so much more. In fact, homeowners may not realize the most important rule associated with roof raking. To protect your roof, you never completely remove standing snow. It’s important to leave light coverage on the tiles that can later melt away when the weather gets warm. Using shovels or rakes to remove all of the snow and ice could break the tiles apart or remove their protective coatings.


The Equipment Needed to Safely Manage Excess Roof Snow and Ice

The following equipment is needed for safe roof snow removal:

  • Heavy-duty extension ladders
  • Cherry pickers
  • Securely anchored safety harnesses
  • Whole-body winter weather protection
  • Specialty scoops and rakes for ice and snow removal

Depending upon the size and complexity of a scheduled service, extra equipment and workers may be needed.

In addition, professional companies provide you with extra protection should any mistakes happen during the snow removal. It’s incredibly easy for a roof to be damaged by equipment. It’s also relatively easy for someone to slip from an icy ladder and be seriously hurt. Shoreline Painting is fully insured against accidents and injuries, protecting you from liability.

Once you’ve finished purchasing the appropriate equipment for roof raking, you’ll likely have spent close to — if not exceeded — the cost of hiring a professional. Save yourself time, worry, expense and energy by relying on the trusted luxury home maintenance team at Shoreline Painting for all your roof snow removal needs. Contact us today for a quote.

We proudly serve residents of Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Westport, and all areas surrounding Fairfield County, CT.

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