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July 17, 2013

We received a call this morning from a concerned― and borderline anxious ―Westport, CT resident who was “desperately” (her words) searching for a high-powered, top-of-the-line Westport, CT painting contractor with “extensive experience” painting high-end luxury homes.

She said she’d been interviewing dozens of companies in Westport, but none could answer all of her questions, which consisted of: “Are you bonded? Licensed? Insured? Have at least 25 years experience? Have dozens of references in Westport, CT? Preferably on my street? A 100% Guarantee?”

Our response, to her surprise, was a YES across the board!

Though we’re based in Stamford we usually have a few large-scale painting projects open in Westport, CT at any given time, and when we receive calls from concerned Westport residents like this we always offer to show off some photos of current jobs we have open, along with offering to provide at least a dozen client references based in Westport―including direct references from current clients.
Here’s an example.

At the moment, we’re finishing up a brilliant project for a wonderful Westport, CT client of ours. This is a 13,000 square foot estate built by Coastal Construction.

Our client is extremely happy with the job we’re doing (we wouldn’t have it any other way, of course) and she has told us― on more than one occasion ―that she would be more than happy to provide a reference as a way of saying thank you for the wonderful job we’re doing.

This didn’t happen overnight; it comes with the territory, you might say. We’ve been the go-to painting contractor for high-end luxury Westport, CT homes for almost 35 years and the results are always the same: 5-star quality, elated clients, clean and brilliant painting job, project finished on-time, within budget, without any bumps, bruises, glitches or excuses.

Our professional Westport, CT painting contractor services include interior and exterior residential painting, and we guarantee our customers the highest quality painting in lower Fairfield County, CT.
Here’s a brief 1-minute video of our team in action painting the home’s dining room:

Here are some of the details:

  • surface sanded with 220 grit sandpaper
  • prepped
  • sanded again with 400 grit sandpaper
  • sanded again with
  • filled with fine brushing puddy
  • oil primed with fine painting oil primer
  • three coats of Hollandlac Brilliant

Applications: Windows, doors, floors, trim, railing, cabinets, wainscoting, furniture, machinery, exterior architectural facades, shutters, garden furniture, gazebos, trellises, wooden and wrought iron, fences, floors, exterior decks and porches, and boats – HOLLANDLAC Brilliant may be used to create dramatic impact when applied to walls and ceilings.

If you are looking for a Westport, CT painting contractor with many years’ experience painting your kind of luxury home, we provide residential and exterior painting contractor services in New Canaan, Westport, Weston, Easton, Wilton, Darien, Greenwich, as well as all of Fairfield County.

Please feel free to contact us today: 203.302.1086
Or email us right now:

We are happy to answer any of your questions, we’ll come out to your home to meet with you at your convenience, and we always guarantee all of our work.

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