3 Painting Short Cuts that Painters New Canaan CT Should Avoid

June 16, 2015

The fact is that painting is a time consuming task that requires attention to detail to achieve optimum results. While you may be tempted to find the painters New Canaan CT that will get the job done in the fastest time period, it will likely end up resulting in a poor job. The fact is that taking short cuts can result in huge problems later on. The fact is that taking the proper steps when painting is essential to ensure quality work.

Skipping the Primer

Any professional painters New Canaan CT should understand the importance of using primer. This layer helps to cover any cosmetic blemishes that may be present, as well as previously applied paint. If primer is not used, then you may find you need more coats of paint, which still may not result in the desired affects. This problem can be completely avoided by simply applying a coat of primer.

Not Mixing the Paint Properly

No matter where the paint is purchased from, it is crucial to mix the paint again prior to applying it to your walls. Professional painters New Canaan CT understand this fact, and you will likely see them mixing the paint several times during the painting process. This ensures that the color that is placed on the wall is even and consistent.

Applying Layers of Paint that are too Thick

While you may be in a hurry to see your home transformed, it is crucial that thin layers of paint are applied to the wall. If it is “slapped” on thickly, it will backfire. This can leave you with uneven paint, which may also appear to be different colors in various parts of the room. Also, using a thick coverage method will take forever to dry. Professional painters New Canaan CT understand these facts and will apply several thin layers of paint, until the desired results are achieved. So, even if it takes a bit longer, you will receive superior results when thin, even paint layers are used.

The fact is that painting is an art in some cases. Knowing the proper strokes, methods and tools can make all the difference in the results that are achieved. Hiring painters New Canaan CT will give you peace of mind that your job will be done properly the first time, and achieve the desired results for the transformation of your home.

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