Top Interior and Exterior Painters for Armonk, NY

If you live in Armonk, NY, it’s no longer difficult to find a painter or painting contractor you’ll love. Shoreline Painting offers you some of the leading experts and a wide range of top quality, eco-friendly paints, stains and finishes to turn your home into something you’ll love to look at every day.

We’ve been providing top interior and exterior painters for homes and businesses here in Armonk and throughout the New York region for more than 35 years. Our painters have numerous certifications and know the right paint, materials and methods to help your home withstand our weather.


Find an Interior Look You Love

When your home looks great on the inside, you get to experience it every day — from an inviting living room and a warm, welcoming entry way to a vibrant kitchen that begs to be cooked in at night. Our professional painters can give you the envy of the neighborhood and Armonk.

Many times we speak with people who’ve had bad experiences with local contractors who come in, do a poor job and disappear as soon as the check is cashed. We can handle all types of repairs, repaints and fixes to get your home looking the way it should.

Interior painting must be precise and triple-checked. Our painters all work under the watchful eye of an experienced management team so we can be sure we have the right look and are properly covering your walls but staying off of baseboard, molding, fixtures and more.

Our painters will keep your property as neat and proper as when we arrive, and we will always clean up afterward.

Be sure to ask us about specialty offerings and the latest trends from milky blues and lilacs to modern jewel tones accented by long-lasting neutrals.


Taking Exterior Painting to New Heights

Armonk, NY residents need exterior painters they love. That’s who we’d like to be for you and your home.

We’ve been in the area for decades and know the types of paints that withstand our elements the best, plus appropriate, environmentally friendly stains that can match your home’s or yard’s wood and other pieces. We methodically move through each aspect of preparation, painting and finishing to get a clean, consistent exterior you’ll enjoy.

We also know the most popular home elements of Armonk, so we can work with your cedar roof, bronze gutters and other accoutrements unique to your home. We’re the coating experts you deserve.


Your Free Estimate Is Just a Phone Call Away

Shoreline Painting offers a free estimate for all interior and exterior house painting in Armonk, NY. We’ll walk you through the entire process and discuss all of your options and how we’re certified to bring them to life. While you’re considering the call, browse our portfolio of more than 1,000 amazing homes.

And when you’re ready, just use our contact form or give us a call at 203-302-1086 for a free estimate of all your interior and exterior needs. We proudly serve Armonk, Mamaroneck, Bronxville, Larchmont, NY and surrounding areas.